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Yoonie Yun (She/Her/Hers) is a theatre director, stage manager, and administrator currently based in Seoul and NYC. She was born and raised in South Korea, where she founded ‘Down-In theatre’ as seeking to establish the transnational collective that welcomes and inspires the creative works of diverse artists all around the world. The mission of Down-In theatre is to explore diverse people’s identities and share their stories by doing theatre together.

Yoonie graduated with her M.A. degree in Theatre and Performance from the University at Buffalo, SUNY. As a thesis project, she presented “Directing in Cyberspace: August Strindberg’s Miss Julie” (Advisor Meredith Conti, 2021). As a director, Yoonie is devoted to providing supportive and encouraging collaboration space. And she hopes theatre practices and theatre itself can be the outlet of many untold/unheard stories. Also as an Asian artist, she aspires to amplify the stories which ‘genuinely’ represent the life and experience of AAPI people in this world.

Yoonie’s selected works include:
New play The Back of the Moon (Down-in theatre, Director), New play Literary Glory (Chelsea Rep LAB&The Acting Studio-NY, Director), Miss Julie (University at Buffalo, Director), Musical If/Then (Gallery Players, Production Stage Manager), Devised theatre House of American Activities (the after-image, Stage Manger), and the 2021 NAMT Directing Observership.

Yoonie’s current interests focus on developing new works - especially she has a huge interest in the SF musical. As collaborating and interacting with diverse artists and people, she is currently building her body of work as a theatre practitioner.
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After the Curtain Down: Conversation of
three Korean artists working outside of their home. 


Published June15, 2022


From Seoul and Buffalo: Video Theatre With Yoonie Yun


Published March17, 2021

UB, THD Press

스크린샷 2021-04-08 오후 11.32.22.png

New Play Kangs Volunteers

Written by G-wal

Directed by Yoonie Yun

Presented by Down-In Theatre

Seoul, KR. November 2022

Musical If/Then

Book&Lyrics by Brian Yorkey

Music by Tom Kitt

Directed by Emily Elizabeth Clark

Presented by Gallery Players

Brooklyn, NY. May-June 2022

Devised Theatre House of American Activities

Co-written by Amy Shoshana Blumberg, Kate St. John, Bryanna Bradley,

                    Caroline Burkhart, Tad Cameron, Zahyde Pietri Ramirez, Alyssa Virji

Directed by Amy Shoshana Blumberg

Presented/Produced by the after-image

New York, NY. March 2022

New Play Fugitive Colors

Written by Barbara Anderson

Directed by Rachel Tuggle Whorton

Presented by Gallery Players

Brooklyn, NY. Jan-Feb 2022

New Musical Moon Tour Guide

Written by Kawk Minki

Music by Joo Siyeol and Jeon Yeahchong

Directed by Kim Yura

Presented by Down-In Theatre

Seoul, KR. December 2021

2021 NAMT directing observership - Senior Class

Book, Melodies, Lyrics by Melvin Tunstall III

Music by Greg Borowsky

Conceived by Kevin Duda

Directed by Amy Anders Corcoran

New York, NY. October 2021


SUNY, University at Buffalo, New York, 2019-2021

M.A. in Theatre and Performance 

- Thesis: "Directing in Cyberspace: August Strindberg's Miss Julie", Advisor Meredith Conti, 2021


Dongguk University, Seoul, 2013-2019

B.A. in Philosophy and English Literature

- Thesis One: "A Study of Madness represented in Literature: Focusing on the Madness from

The Yellow Wallpaper and Woyzeck.", Advisor Heon-gyun Rho, 2018

- Thesis Two: "The Possibility of the Modern art in the Plato's Ideal State: Study of Plato's Aesthetics.",

Advisor Heun-Woo You, 2017

Directing Workshop at The Acting Studio-New York, 2020

The Acting Studio, New York, NY

Instructed by John Grabowski

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Based in NY, USA / Seoul, South Korea  |  Tel: +1 716-939-4740

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