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Virtual theatre
Miss Julie

MA Thesis Project
Buffalo, NY, April 2021
MISS JULIE_poster.png

Script by                             August Strindberg

Directed by                         Yoonie Yun 

Starring                              Mary DiCanio, Kyle Primack, Julia Witt

Collaborated with               YIV, EnmetDesign          

Presented by                      The University at Buffalo, Department of Theatre and Dance

Streaming on                         UB THD YouTube

                                                *providing ENG and KR subtitles



MY ROLE | Director


As a theatre arts practitioner, one of my biggest concern has been ‘how to meet with and speak to my audience’ who live and experience theatre today. These days, the world is undergoing many changes. Especially, the unprecedented pandemic restrains in-person contacts and accelerates the virtual contacts. In other words, the way how people meet and form intimacy is changing. These rapid changes are deeply affecting our lives, and also theatre. Even if the pandemic will be over, I think it is inevitable that theatre will have to face changes in any form. Among the changes that theatre is facing and will, I would like to examine the possible changes of the way how theatre meet and speak with the audience. By exploring it, I intend to explore theatricality of today. 


My current research is mostly focusing on the new ways of meeting audiences in the virtual world and finding theatricality in it. My latest theatrical work is the directing of the video-theatre production The Back of the Moon created and presented by Down-In theatre in Seoul. It was released through the online platform, YouTube in January 2021. In this production, I explored theatricality through the collaboration between video art and theatre. The production is basically a one-act play, but the way how the performance speaks to the audience will be definitely different from how the performance speaks to audiences in the theater. This was one of main concerns that I had as a director.


I would like to continue my current exploration at Down-In theatre to my final project for my M.A. degree in theatre and performance at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. For the final project, I will do directing August Strindberg’s one-act play Miss Julie in the world of Virtual-Multimedia Theatre. In the multimedia theatre world, artists can use both the ‘actual’ and ‘virtual’ world in the process of constructing theatre. By using appropriate technology, multimedia theatre assembles selected fragments of virtual and actual world. I plan to apply this idea of multimedia theatre in the online performance. Through this practice-based research, I expect that I can explore how the idea of cyborg theatre and online performance will be harmonized with each other and show the new way of meeting with audience. In addition, by exploring ‘directing’ in the world of virtual-multimedia theatre, I expect that I can examine the contemporary meaning of virtual performance.

*providing ENG and KR subtitles 

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