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A web-based journal ART INSIGHT is dealing with various issues about art, culture and education. This journal is based in South Korea, but the contents published through ART INSIGHT is not limited in South Korea. It also deals with diverse international artistic and cultural issues. 

Yoonie Yun published 62 articles over a year since 2018.


“Review of the play Hageodo: an Utopia established on the Horrible history” (2019)

“Woyzeck’s Tragic world expressed by Beautiful Body Movements: Georg Buchner’s play Woyzeck performed by Sadari Movement Laboratory” (2019)

“Hamik, who is born as Hamlet and dreams Juliet: the play Hamik created and performed by Seoul City Theatre” (2019)                

“Review of the musical Woyzeck: about the Adaptation of a Play to a Musical” (2018)

“Analysis of the play Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot: We are all waiting for our own Godot” (2018)“Review of Shakespeare’s Hamlet: about Death” (2018)

“The Strength of Love: Comparative study between Yoo Chijin’s Chunhyang Jeon, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and Sarah Kane’s Crave” (2018)

“John Steinbeck’s short story the Chrysanthemums: Discussion of Femininity” (2018)

“Review of the movie The Butler: the Story of Black Human Rights in America” (2018) 

“Review of the movie Hidden Figures: Who are the Hidden Figures” (2018)



“The Beauty of the Conflict between Differences” (2018)

“Philosophy of Art: the Exploration of two trends in Contemporary art” (2018)

“What is the Meaning of ‘traveling’ for us” (2018)

“Difference between Broadway and Korean Commercial Musicals” (2018)

“What is the Contemporary meaning of Performing arts” (2018)

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