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2021 NAMT - 33rd Annual Festival of New Musicals
Senior Class

New York, NY, October 2021
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Book, Melodies and Lyrics by     Melvin Tunstall

Music by                                    Greg Borowsky

Conceived by                              Kevin Duda

Directed by                                     Amy Anders Corcoran

Presented at                               2021 NAMT the 33rd annual festival of new musicals

MY ROLE | Directing Observer


When the Senior Class production of My Fair Lady is canceled due to budget cuts, two theater nerds convince the school to do a royalty-free staging of Pygmalion. When they meet a subway dancer named Alizé, art begins to imitate life as they try to transform her into their perfect Eliza Doolittle.


Melvin and Greg met while working on Polkadots: the Cool Kids Musical with Douglas Lyons and formed a partnership when they were approached by budding producer Kevin Duda with the idea to do a contemporary take on Pygmalion. An Equity-approved 29-hour reading was followed by the composers making their debut at the 2018 NAMT Songwriter’s Showcase.

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