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Devised Theatre
House of American Activities

New York, NY, March 2022
Created&co-written by     Kate St. John & Amy Shoshana Blumberg   
Dramaturgy by
                   Vida Manalang
with additional writing and material generated by: 
Bryanna Bradley, Caroline Burkhart, Tad Cameron, Zahydé Pietri, Alyssa Virji

Directed&Choreographed by               Amy Shoshana Blumberg   
Creative Director                                Kate St. John
Lighting Designer                                   Yang Yu
Sound Designer                                       Nina Field
Scenic Designer                                   Kate St. John
Costume Designer                                   Sarah Constable
Stage Manager                                        Yoonie Yun
Assistant Stage Manager                       Dakota Silvey
Technician/Sound Board Operator       Ciera Miller
Social Media Management                    Jessica Money

Produced by          the after-image
Performed at         Theater for the New City, New York, NY

MY ROLE | Stage Manager

HOUSE OF AMERICAN ACTIVITIES is an original dance-theater production about the fears, divisions, and nascent uprising shaping the lives of Americans during the 1950s Red Scare. As government officials, Hollywood stars, and powerless Americans grasp for an alternative ending to a story on repeat, who will survive and who will be left behind?

Created by the after-image and a team of devisors, this 80-minute production envisions a fictional world in which legendary activist and celebrity Paul Robeson and Hollywood star Judy Holliday prepare to face off against the House Un-American Activities Committee. As they negotiate with Congressional staff and ordinary people behind closed doors, everyone’s agendas and hopes slam up against one another, but in this culture of fear, not everyone will come out on top.

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Photo by Olga Rabetskaya

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