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New Musical

Seoul, South Korea, December 2021
Written by                     Kwak Minki
Music by                           Joo Siyeol and Jeon Yeahchong
Directed by                    Kim Yura
Music Director                 Choi Minhae
Scenic Designer              
Lee Kyeongeun
Lighting/Sound/Props     Kim Yura, Lee Minsoung, Lee Jeongin
PSM                                    Yoonie Yun
ASM                                   Lee Minseoung, Lee Jeongin

Project Manager              Kang Minkoo

Presented by                  Down-In Theatre
Performed at                  Dream Theatre at Hyehwa

MY ROLE | Production Stage Manager


"A giant comet will fell on earth with 0.0001%"

No one is interested in this uncertain and tiny chance of comet fall, but 'Yeo-Reum.' She quits her job - tour guide - on the spot she watches the news. Yeo-Reum books the tickets to Vancouver, Canada, to ask advice to the most famous Korean spaceman, 'Tae-Keong.' A scientist who only believes in number, Tae-Kyeong, doesn't take Yeo-Reum's concern seriously. However, after Yeo-Reum's persistent persuasion, the two finally begin to work together to find a way to prevent or escape from the 0.0001% crisis - under the codename "Moon Tour Guide." In the process of developing the action, they learn each other's lost dreams and life. 

achieved 152% of original goal

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 5.54.10 PM.png

co-produced by Down-In theatre and

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 5.53.37 PM.png

Interpark Ratings

 average ★9.3/10 

It was simply FUN! Actors' performance were stunning. I was curious about the story when I first saw the show title, and once I watched it, I can say this is definitely the one that you may want to come and watch with your lover or family to enjoy the year-end holiday. 

by cky***

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